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Mobile Application. Voices of Europe is a testimony to the power of finding and honoring one’s voice. We wish to give Europeans the opportunity to share their thoughts. Together they will constitute a choir of European voices that will offer a deeper understanding of our shared European identity and shared values. Answer three questions specifically prepared for you. We will share it here and on social media.

Young Convicts

Europe by Figures. Zuza Krajewska is a Polish photographer and filmmaker who’s captivating portraits and off-beat style is quickly establishing herself as one of the most exciting talents to emerge. Zuza Krajewska visited a borstal located in the town of Studzieniec near Warsaw. Her pictures show young convicts between childhood and adulthood, guilty of anything from petty theft to much more serious crimes.

Border Posts

Europe by Figures. Photographer Josef Schulz’ interest in national borders can be traced back to the story of his own life. He grew up in Poland, a country whose territory was repeatedly redefined in the course of history. The theme of Josef Schulz’ work is that of former border stations at inner-European frontiers. Landscape contexts are no longer recognizable. Border landscapes become unspecific and exchangeable. 

Whiplashed at Twenty Eight.

Community. One afternoon in August five years ago, Heidi’s life changes from one second to the next. She is hit by a drunk driver. Heidi injures her head profusely. In that instant everything is taken away from her. Roskilde Festival becomes a very important part of Heidi’s recovery and attempt at winning her life back. And less than five years after her accident, Heidi is back helping the festival become greener.

I Came For A Boy.

European Talent. Cassandra Lemoine is a sophomore student at the Danish Opera Academy. She is disciplined, focused and talented. Her virtues have brought her far. But ambitions have consequences. 7,000 kilometers separates her from her family in Edmonton, Canada. “Do I miss my family? Yes. You miss everything. You miss birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and Christmas. All those occasions. You’re not there. That is really hard.”

Together, We Are a Great Big Ocean.

Community. Roskilde Festival is the largest cultural festival in Northern Europe. It’s a unique and an
all-encompassing experience, with music, events, and food. But for many people Roskilde Festival
is—first of all—a heart warm and strong community.

Life Is In Your Hands.

European Talent. Already as a child, Mathias knew that he had to take matters into his own hands if he was to fulfill his ambitions. Mathias had hardly become a teenager before moving on boarding school hundreds of miles away from home. Like almost anything in his life, it was on his own initiative.

He Had His Heart in His Eyes

Now & Then. When photographer Willy Ronis had nothing nice to say, he said nothing at all. “You will not find one single nasty image in my work,” he told a journalist of the French newspaper Le Monde in 2005. “I have never wanted to show people in a ridiculous way.” Ronis described the spontaneity of this approach, saying, “most of my photographs were taken on the spur of the moment, very quickly, just as they occurred”. His photographs are coloured by the intimacy and empathy with which he knew and understood the people of Paris.


Radio Europe

Radio Europe. This online radio allows you to explore radio stations around Europe—as they broadcast live. It’s a timely project that celebrates human communication across borders. With global tensions high, anger at the political establishment and fake-news dominating social media discussions, it feels like there has never been a better time to enable people to reflect on intercultural dialogue. Explore Europe through its sounds, and while some seem foreign, many seem familiar.

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Nature Evacuated

Europe by Figures. Finish Ilkka Halso rescues and restores nature in his art. In the works of the series Restoration he develops and builds made-up arrangements such as scaffolding trees with transparent gauze and illuminating them. Nature is given “treatment” as if in a field hospital, the damaged patient receives medical care. The series Museum of Nature shows a shift in this healing approach. Nature now is no longer being healed, it is being “rescued”.

Berlin, Elisabethkirche, Invalidenstraße, 2002

Now & Then. While traveling around East Germany, photographer Stefan Koppelkamm captured a world that will never recur. It was in the first years of the 90s—right after the fall of the Berlin Wall but before The German Reunification.

European Talent. Challenging our perception of the environment, Ilkka Halso visualizes a future we probably do not want to see become a reality. Meet the Finnish artist who takes a grim view of the future.

Eurobarometer. Challenging our perception of the environment, Ilkka Halso visualizes a future we probably do not want to see become a reality. Meet the Finnish artist who takes a grim view of the future.

I’m Following My Gut.

European Talent. Zuza Krajewska is a product of 1980’s Poland. She’s a part of a generation that transitioned from the limited freedoms imposed by the communist regime into a democratic nation with a European understanding of civil liberties.


How We Live

My European Home. What is home? Is it people, culture, a specific place or the memories made during childhood? ‘My European Home’ is an exploration of how Europeans are creating their homes on planet Earth.

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