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Voices of Europe is a non-profit organization established to strengthen civic and democratic participation through intercultural dialogue across Europe. Voices of Europe uses documentary films to raise awareness of environmental and social issues, actively involve citizens and strengthen common values and prospects across Europe. The organization wants to exam shared reference points, and in this way encourage tolerance, mutual understanding, intercultural dialogue and reconciliation as a means of moving beyond the past and building the future.

We provide evidence-based knowledge and sound expertise with the aim of enhancing public debate and counteract fake news on social media. We are doing this by giving voice to scientists.
Voices of Europe provides real people with real stories to existing statistics in documentary films that convey the concerns and dreams of European citizens. The organization portray Europeans and showcase Europe’s complexities, challenges, strengths and weaknesses. The organization tells stories that carry hope and show a sense of optimism for the continent. Voices of Europe believes that innovation, science, talent and goodness has a power to inspire a region that, in its broadest definition, spans more than 40 countries and includes more than 700 million people.

Specifically, it is our goal to showcase and honor European talent and disseminate important and relevant information about European history on voicesof.eu and on social media. Voices of Europe is a testimony to the power of finding and honoring one’s voice. We wish to give Europeans the opportunity to share their thoughts. Together they will constitute a choir of European voices that will offer a deeper understanding of our shared European identity and shared values.

We cooperate with youth organizations and film schools around Europe in an attempt to reach a wide audience with relevant messages communicated in a relevant and interesting way.

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Voices of Europe is an online magazine and a community welcoming people who seek a deeper understanding of Europe. Through debate and intercultural dialogue we wish to strengthen European identity, democratic sensibility and sense of community.

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