Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is composed of a distinguished group of leading professionals with expertise in a range of fields relevant to our work. The board provides us with strategic advice regarding our activities and operations. We appreciate all of this support and the board’s dedication to our mission. All members of the Advisory Board participate in their personal capacity.

Prof. Noemi Katznelson

Noemi Katznelson is Professor, Centre Director and Head of Research at the Danish Centre for Youth Research (CeFU) at Aalborg University. Noemi Katznelson is a leading researcher in the field of education and marginalization processes, and holds a long list of positions of trust. Eg., Noemi is a member of the Presidency of the newly established Council of Secondary Education under the Ministry of Education. Furthermore, Noemi is member of the expert committee appointed by the Prime Minister under the Ministry for Kids, Education, and Equality intended to encourage more young people to complete a youth education. 

Prof. Eske Willerslev

Evolutionary geneticist. Eske Willerslev, holds the Prince Philip Chair in Ecology and Evolution at the University of Cambridge, UK. Additionally, Willerslev holds a Lundbeck Foundation Professorship at University of Copenhagen and is the director for Centre of Excellence in GeoGenetics. Willerslev is a Foreign Associate Member of The National Academy of Sciences (USA), elected member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, and an Honorary Doctor at both University of Oslo and University of Tartu, Estonia. Eske Willerslev is particularly known for sequencing the first ancient human genome and for his tireless efforts to communicate scientific achievements.

Martin Sønderlev Christensen

Martin Sønderlev Christensen is Head of Institute at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK). Martin Sønderlev Christensen is an expert at the intersection of social behavior and technology, and has a long business and academic background in digital innovation with a strong focus on design methods in creating or recreating meaningful social conventions and social contexts through the use of software and technology. Martin Sønderlev Christensen holds a MA, Film and Media Studies from the University of Copenhagen, and a PhD in social computing from the IT University, Copenhagen. 

Thomas Wiben Jensen

Thomas Wiben Jensen is Associate Professor at the Department of Language and Communication, University of Southern Denmark. Thomas Wiben Jensen is an expert at the intersection of language, cognition, culture and social processes. A key interest is the study of how people create different layers of meaning through metaphors, narratives and humor in both social interaction, written texts and multimodal products. Thomas Wiben Jensen holds a MA in Danish and a Ph.D. from the University of Copenhagen, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics.

Mette Margrethe Elf

Mette Elf is project director at Realdania a philanthropic association with more than 150,000 members. The mission of Realdania is to improve the quality of life and benefit the common good by improving the built environment. Previously, Mette Margrethe Elf was Head of Section in the mayor’s secretariat at Copenhagen City Hall, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Science. Mette Margrethe Elf holds a M.Sc. from the University of Copenhagen in political science and a Master of Baltic Sea Region Studies, Eastern European Studies and Regionalization from Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.

Kirstine Føge Jensen

Kirstine Føge Jensen is Director of Programmes at The Guardian Foundation, an independent charity which supports media under threat, promotes diversity in the media and empowers children and young people to engage with the news. Kirstine Foge Jensen is responsible for supporting the day-to-day management of Guardian Foundation activities. Kirstine is an Anthropologist and holds a M.Sc. from the University of Copenhagen.

Sara Mering

Sara Mering is co-founder of SEIN —  a free web magazine made by young people for young people. The SEIN magazine and SEIN events enable young people to meet across Denmark — both digitally and physically. SEIN was established for depicting and sharing an honest portrait of how it is to be young today and to inspire others to join the honest and positive SEIN community. Sara Mering had the idea establishing the magazine when she was 17 graduating high school. Sara Mering studies literature at Copenhagen University.

Kasper Elbjørn

Kasper Elbjørn is director, International and Danish Media, at Carlsberg Group. Kasper is an active public debater and has edited a number of anthologies on Danish and European political issues. Kasper Elbjørn was previously deputy director of the Baltic Development Forum, and Head of Section at the Secretariat for Sustainable Development during the Danish EU Presidency, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. Kasper Elbjørn holds a M.Sc. from the University of Copenhagen in political science.

Nick Bridge

Nick Bridge is founder and Creative Director of Girls are Awesome, a platform and brand dedicated to creating a larger and more diverse female representation in society. Girls Are Awesome want to inspire and empower women around the globe. With Girls are Awesome, Nick Bridge is working on pushing and redefining what is considered a role model. The values of Girls are Awesome are built on free expression for all voices. Nick has extensive knowledge of concept development, magazine production, and content generation.

In our populist age, the easy and poorly considered decisions flourish. Populists can identify problems that aren’t handled properly – but they are bad at finding solutions that are healthy for society. We need for people who make their living from thinking and writing to go out and make their voices heard, to challenge the poor decisions.

Professor Eske Willerslev Lundbeck Foundation Professor, University of Copenhagen. Professor, Prince Philip Chair of Ecology and Evolution, University of Cambridge. Member of Voices of Europe's Advisory Board since 2019.

Not all young people feel they have a voice. Using storytelling and by asking the right questions, their important voices will emerge. It is absolutely crucial for them as human beings, but also for us as a democratic society.

Asger Johansen Co-founder of Play Circle. Member of Voices of Europe's Advisory Board since 2019.

Be memorable. Be genuine. Don’t burn bridges. Stand up for yourself. Keep your word. Remember people’s names. Share your secrets. Demand quality. Don’t take it personally. No means yes.

Nick Bridge Founder and CEO of Girls are Awesome. Member of Voices of Europe's Advisory Board since 2019.