Annual Report 2019

Chair’s Introduction

Voices of Europe is a testimony to the power of finding and honouring one’s voice. We wish to give Europeans the opportunity to share their thoughts. We believe they will constitute a choir of voices that will offer a deeper understanding of our shared identity and shared values – and as a consequence bring us closer together.

Voices of Europe provides real people with real stories in documentary films – and hopefully soon, videos produced with our mobile application – that convey the concerns and dreams of European citizens. In this way, we showcase Europe’s complexities, challenges, strengths and weaknesses. We enable people to tell stories that carry hope and show a sense of optimism for the continent.

As this annual report shows, 2019 was eventful and exciting for our young organization. We have come considerably closer to our primary goal of facilitating a safe space where people can have their say, explore an honest self-narrative, and inspire others to do the same. In the second quarter of 2019, we proudly presented our new advisory board. Our advisory board is structured both to help us with the direct operation of our organization and to keep us informed on relevant topics, and trends that may affect us.

On the financial side, we are still living on the mercy of others. It is only by virtue of of voluntarism and passion that we have come this far. However, the 2020 strategy will probably reflect that an ambitious organization can not only grow on a strong commitment and passionate volunteers. 2019 was indeed about manifesting our ideas and creating a solid network. 2020 will undoubtedly be about raising the funds needed to realize the great ambitions of Voices of Europe.

I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all our volunteers, advisory board, and partners as well as our professional and engaged staff, all of whom have played their part in the significant achievements over the past year.

Jacob Levin Krogh
Chairman of the Board Voices of Europe