Branded Content

We often rely on commercial brands to support our global storytelling efforts. We partner up with brands to help them thoughtfully and transparently add to our authentic storytelling through sponsorships and branded content.

Transparency, integrity and respect for our audience is our top priority. Therefore, when a brand is supporting our storytelling we make it very clear. You will see at least one of the following:

For brands that support our editorial series through sponsorships, we provide an impossible-to-miss “In Partnership With…” attribution in the content of the video and in the surrounding packaging on our site and app. Alternatively, the partnership is displayed with a ‘Voices of Europe X Name of Partner’ logotype.

Support of mid-length or feature length documentaries, will be credited with ‘Thanks for generous support from Client Name’ in the scrolling credits.

For brands that support Voices of Europe through integrations of their products, we provide a credit in the relevant descriptive copy on our site and app. For example, if an airline provides air travel for our production crew, a credit will appear on our site and app: “Paid Transportation Provided by Name of Airline”.

We believe in the strength of honesty and transparency. Our followers deserve to enjoy content uninterrupted and without being forced or tricked into seeing ads. Instead of loud and random ads, we offer brands to associate their brand to our authentic and often heart-warming stories. The marketing message may be upfront or almost invisible, but that’s not what’s important. We believe that relevant, authentic and exciting content touches the hearts of the viewers resulting in significant increase in overall brand recall and positive sentiments.

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