The European continent may be the most diverse region in the world. Within a relatively small area there are a plethora of countries, hundreds of spoken languages and dialects, and an abundance of natural biodiversity. The continent’s turbulent history has resulted in multiple distinctive regions, not only between different countries but within the same country. The continent has over 30 official languages, with countless regional, minority, and unrecognized languages being spoken as well.  At Voices of Europe we try to convey Europe’s cultural diversity and the turbulent history of the continent through nine categories:

European Talents

Fostering European citizenship and a sense of shared European identity by showcasing European talent.

Then & Now

'Then & Now' is dedicated to raising awareness of remembrance, common European history and values.

Europe in Figures

Europe in Figures shows the faces and stories behind the opinions expressed in surveys and statistics about Europe.

60 Seconds Films

'60 Seconds Films' give you the opportunity to give voice to your thoughts. Together these testimonies constitute a choir of European voices.

European Science

Showcasing leading European scientists and raising awareness of the important issues linking science to society.

City Guides

Essential highlights in the most exciting cities of Europe — powered by local expertise.


Promoting cooperation and exchange of knowledge, Yourope™ is your chance to participate in various contests.

My European Home

What is home? Is it people, culture, a specific place or the memories made during childhood?

Radio Europe

Showcasing European bands, DJs sharing playlists, and presenting over 4000 radio stations from across Europe streaming live on the internet.