The Radio House

Then & Now

Construction of Statsradiofonien’s headquarters on Rosenørns Allé in Frederiksberg got underway in 1938, but it took another 7 years before Radiohuset finally opened. The building was designed by the architect Vilhelm Lauritzen and is regarded as a major work of Danish Modernism.

Country: Denmark
Architect: Vilhelm Lauritzen

Radiohuset (literally “The Radio House”) is the former headquarters of national Danish broadcaster DR, located on Rosenørns Allé in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. The building complex was inaugurated in 1945 to a Functionalist design by Vilhelm Lauritzen and later expanded in 1958 and 1972. Vacated by DR when DR Byen was inaugurated in 2006, the buildings now house the Royal Danish Academy of Music as well as the Museum of Music once it reopens. The complex also contains a concert hall. The building was listed in 1994.

Voices of Europe

The original complex consisted of four elements: A main wing, also known as Høj Fløj (literally “High Wing”) with the main entrance on Rosenørns Allé, a lower wing on its right-hand side (Lav Fløj, literally “Low Wing”), Studieblokken (literally “The Studio Block”) to its rear and the trapezoid concert hall on Julius Thonsens Gade. The extension in 1958 added a new wing (Ny Fløj, literally “New Wing”) to the rear of the main wing, on Worsaaesvej, and the 1972 expansion integrated a former residential building on Worsaaesvej in the complex and added an extra floor on.

Lauritzen collaborated with Finn Juhl on furniture, lamps and other fittings and Gudmund Nyeland Brandt designed the roof garden on the Studio Block.