Updated October 23, 2019


§ 1

1. Voices of Europe is a not for profit association.

2. The official address of the association is

Voices of Europe
25 Birkegade,
2200 Copenhagen N,

The jurisdiction of the association is the district court in the jurisdiction where the association has its address.

The association is located in Denmark and its activities are particularly targeted at Denmark, Danish affairs and Danish target groups.

3. VAT-no. is 39337517. The statutes of the association are always available.

4. Voices of Europe was founded in 2015 and formally established in 2018 with support from Europa Nævnet (The Danish Europe Committee)

5. Voices of Europe also uses the name ”Voices” and the abbreviation ”VOE”.



§ 2

1. Voices of Europe was established with the aim of

  • improving lives of people through education and by raising awareness of specific issues (i.e. health, science, social issues)
  • strengthening inclusion processes and to counteract social inequalities
  • strengthening civic and democratic participation through intercultural dialogue across Europe.
  • raising awareness about common European history, common values, remembrance and diversity.
  • fostering European citizenship and a sense of shared European identity
  • promoting opportunities for societal and intercultural engagement and volunteering at a European level.

5. The association can fulfil it’s purpose through co-operation with subsidiary companies and other collaborators



§ 3

1. Voices of Europe is autonomous and voluntary.

2. Voices of Europe is not for profit making and any excess of funds received or generated from its activities must always be reinvested in the same association.

3. The accounts of Voices of Europe shall be reviewed or audited and published on a yearly basis.

4. Provided its autonomy is not affected, Voices of Europe may collaborate with other entities (commercial and/or governmental) on a national, regional or international basis in order to further its aims.

5. Voices of Europe does not have any political or trade union affiliation, and it does not indulge in party politics.

6. All prospective Members and Associate Members of Voices of Europe shall have access to the statute of the association upon demand. Prospective Members will be required to state that they are aware of the objectives of Voices of Europe.

7. Voices of Europe is entitled to post ads or make agreements with institutions, organizations or companies
when contributing to the general purpose of the association. Similarly, agreements can be concluded with commercial TV providers regarding the inclusion of campaign films, etc. Voices of Europe uses social media to promote its causes. Ads, campaign films, etc. always supports the purpose of the activity.



§ 4

1. As a member of the association, with the approval of the Board of Directors, up to 16 members may be admitted who have complementary competencies that correspond to the needs and development of the association and who wish to contribute actively to the implementation of the association’s objectives and activities.

2. As a member of the association can be included public authorities, regions and municipalities, municipal institutions, voluntary organizations, user organizations, interest organizations, educational places, etc., which endorse the association’s purpose.

3. Members who do not meet the requirements of 3.01 or who act against the association’s purposes and interests may be excluded by the association by a decision of the Board of Directors by a 2/3 majority. The resolution may, without this having a suspensory effect, be referred to the next general meeting.



§ 5

1. The General Assembly is the highest authority of the association.

2. The General Assembly takes place each year before the end of May.

3. An extraordinary General Assembly shall take place when the Chairman, The Board of Directors or at least 1/3 of the Members of the association make a request in writing. Extraordinary general assembly must be convened no later than 1 month after the request has been made.

4. The General Assembly shall be convened by the Board of Directors by letter or electronically to the members of the association with at least two weeks’ notice. The notice shall specify the issues to be addressed at the general assembly. If proposals for amendments to the statutes of association are to be considered at the general assembly, the main content of the proposal must be stated in the notice.

5. Issues that are to be considered at the general assembly must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors no later than 7 days after the announcement of the notice.

6. The chairman presides over the proceedings at the general assembly and decides all questions regarding the procedure, voting and the outcome of the cases. The conductor must be professional and outsider in relation to the association.

7. The agenda for the Annual General Assembly shall contain the following:

1. Choice of conductor.

2. The Board of Directors report on the association’s activities in the past year.

3. Submission of annual report for approval.

4. Received proposals from the Board of Directors or members of the association.

5. Election of Board of Directors.

6. Election of Accountant.

7. Any other.

8. The matters dealt with at the general assembly shall be decided by a simple majority, unless the statutes of the association provide otherwise. Voting rights can only be exercised by personal presence.

9. Minutes drawn up at the general meeting are prepared and signed by the conductor.



§ 6

The Board of Directors shall consist of three Members of Voices of Europe who shall be elected every five years at a General Assembly of Voices of Europe. At the expiration of the five years period the Board of Directors shall go out of office, however Members of the Board of Directors are eligible for re-election.

3. At the first Board meeting after the Annual General Assembly, the Board of Directors elects a Chairman, a Vice Chairman and a Treasurer.

4. The members of the Board of Directors must possess complementary competencies that correspond to the needs and strategy of the association.



§ 7

1. The Board of Directors may appoint an Executive Board to carry out the daily activities of the association or enter into an agreement with others to carry out the daily activities or parts thereof.

2. The Chairman shall ensure that the Board of Directors meets when necessary. The Chairman shall convene the Supervisory Board when a member of the Supervisory Board, the Executive Management or the Auditor requests this.

3. The Board of Directors is only quorum when at least 2/3 of the members of the Board attend the meeting.

4. Unless otherwise stated in these articles of association, the Board of Directors shall act by a simple majority of votes. In the event of a tie, the chairman’s vote counts double and is essential.

5. A minutes of the board meeting are drawn up, signed by all members of the board. A board member who does not agree with the decisions of the board has the right to have his or her opinion included in the minutes. The director has the same right.

6. A Vice-President enters the Chairman’s absence in every respect in the Chairman’s place.

7. The Board of Directors may issue a power of attorney.



§ 8

1. The Association is signed by the chairman of the board or vice-chairman in association with a director or 1 board member or by the entire board.

2. For the association’s obligations, only the association’s assets are liable. The association’s members are not liable for the association’s obligations.



§ 9

1. The association’s financial year is the calendar year.

2. The first financial year runs from the foundation until December 31, 2018.

3. Within four months of the end of each financial year, the Board of Directors or the Executive Management shall prepare an annual report in accordance with the relevant legislation and statutes.



§ 10

1. The annual report audited by the auditor is submitted to the Annual General Assembly for approval, cf. 4.07 (3).



§ 11

1. In accordance with the purpose provision, the Board of Directors shall decide on the use of the association’s funds.

2. The Board of Directors may make reasonable provisions for consolidation of the association.

3. The Board of Directors may not award other members of the Board of Directors, auditors and persons holding a leading position in the association other than remuneration, which may not exceed what is considered customary by the nature of the job and the scope of the work. The same applies to one associated with one of the persons mentioned by marriage or permanent intercourse and their minor children.

4. The granting of loans and collateral for loans to the circle mentioned in § 11.3 is not permitted.

5. Any asset that the association owns or acquires in the future shall bear the name of the association and shall, as far as possible, be listed as belonging to it.

6. The association may raise loans in recognized financial institutions to finance the association’s activities.

7. The profits made by The association are directed toward the production of new content distributed on and social media.


§ 12

1. Proposals for amendments to the articles of association of the association or the dissolution of the association can only be considered when proposals for this are included on the agenda of a general meeting and, in order to be valid, must be adopted by the general meeting by a simple majority of the members of the association.

2. In deciding on the dissolution of the association, any liquidation proceeds or surplus on dissolution shall accrue initiatives in accordance with § 2.
Thus, adopted at the founding general meeting on February 15, 2018.

Voices of Europe